I'm back at Olin and I'll probably be starting work on Monday. I had the hardest time trying to change this webpage from Oklahoma.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Area 2 festival. It will last from 3:30 pm on to probably the wee hours, and features Moby, David Bowie, Busta Rhymes, and Blue Man Group. I've already seen Moby and Blue Man Group before. When I went to the Moby show I bought a Moby t-shirt. When I went to the Blue Man Group show I wore that shirt, because I figured they would like Moby. Later that year, after both of them got much more famous, they performed together at the Grammy Awards. I think they saw my shirt and put two and two together. Anyway, now Moby has selected Blue Man Group to be in his second Area Festival, and it's all thanks to my shirt.

Dan, Steve, Chris and I went to the Framingham 15 theater to see Austin Powers 3. It was still sold out, so we left. Dan just told me something interesting about the Framingham 15, which has one of the less than 20 all-digital screens in the country. It turns out the AMC Framingham 15 was once the General Cinemas 16. It turns out this theater also has one of the two "luxury" theaters that serve alcohol. When AMC bought the facility out, says Dan, who is only moderately sure of this, they were only given 15 of the theaters, the "luxury" theater staying with General Cinemas. You learn something new everyday.

Dan also showed me Half Bakery, a place where you can brainstorm ideas and then people vote on them. I then showed him everything2, a strange mish-mash of writeups on any topic imaginable. In fact, if you imagine something that isn't there, you get to write it up yourself.

August 4, 2002
It turns out that AMC bought out General Cinemas; we were wrong. They are all owned by the same company now. It's the AMC Framingham 16.
Grant Hutchins @nertzy