Today I went to the Omniplex with Veronica, Jason, and Leigh Ann. My favorite part was the International Photography Hall Of Fame. I find it strange that it’s at the Omniplex, but it has some really cool prints and some old cameras. We also rode the Geovator and did a lot of the now silly-seeming experiments. Man, I used to so love them! Afterwards we ate at the Macaroni Grill, where there are people singing opera quite often. I ordered Insalata Con Pollo. Very good. We then ventured onward to the Paseo. There wasn’t anything going on there at all, so we ventured to 23rd and found out Vintage Plus and Rainbow Records were closed. We then hit CD Outlet where we met Jon and Alexandra (his girlfriend). I spent 10 dollars buying 4 oldskool rave CDs, including two by Quadrophonia, which includes one of the members of T-99. Wow. That’s fun. Then we went to Jon’s and watched a pirated Freddy Got Fingered bootleg video CD on his Sega Dreamcast. The first Video CD ended, but the second one wouldn’t play, so we watched cable auction instead. The knife table really sucked. They had this Confederate knife that we all didn’t think was very cool. Then Veronica, Jason, and Leigh Ann headed home, and so did I. When I got home I played my brother some Street Fighter Alpha 2 emulated on MAME. Then I went downstairs and wrote out a week’s worth of News page entries with the recently regained Internet connection. Another full day of fun. Life is good.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy