This was a very fun day. Jon asked me to visit Norman with him. We went to OU to look at their film program. It wasn’t so impressive. Jon is strongly considering OCCC instead, which has a nice new video production program with updated technology. Nate helps out with it too. Then I called Sheeva when we were done so we could hang out like I told her we would sometime. She wasn’t there so I called Veronica. She was at OU! We met up with her, her twin sister Erica, and friends Jason and Leigh Ann at the Union building. We watched Jason eat Chick-Fil-A. Then we stopped by Sonic to redeem some Sonic dollars, since Jon has about ten million sitting around he got as a graduation present. Then we went to “the park.” Jason helped designed some of the kids' playground equipment areas and he showed us his input. We swang on the swings and Veronica discovered that her older sister Amy got into a wreck. This is a recurring theme, as Erica wrecked a couple days earlier. Let’s all hope the trend doesn’t continue in the Edwards family. We then went to the Borders where Josh and Sheeva write their haikus. We rummaged around there for awhile, then spent too long in the parking lot plotting our next move. We went back to Sonic to spend more Sonic dollars, then back to the park, it now being night. We just sat around in the park until about 12:00 and then came home. It may not sound like much but this was one of the funnest days I’ve had in a while. At Jon’s house, Jesse had brought over his brand-new refurbished used iMac. It is very cool. We got it to say what people IMed us out loud, which entertained Jon and me until 5 in the morning. Thence we partook in sleep.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy