Where to begin…? I woke up this morning when my aunts came over, with my little cousin Shayla. She’s the coolest. She’s only about 2 I think and she told me when I was banging the drums to “stop making so many noises.” She’s a little smartie! After that I headed over to Jesse’s father’s residence, where I watched Jesse’s brother’s videos. A@ron does sketch comedy in a troupe at Occidental College, the “Sketchy People.” We then went to Jesse’s mother’s residence to see what A@ron got Jesse for his graduation. It was a toilet. A@ron filmed Jesse and me as we sprayed it with a hose. For about 45 minutes. We also pretended like sticks were our arms and beat the toilet with them. And then this kid walked up with a Super Soaker, so Jesse made him squirt the toilet in the front yard. Oh yeah, and it was filled with red paint. After that we went to Casady’s graduation. They have bagpipes instead of Pomp and Circumstance and a “Senior speaker” instead of a Valedictorian. At the fun reception thing afterwards, this girl came up to me. I remembered her from the Casady last-day-of-school party in which we had our picture taken for some reason. She told me that it was developed and came out well and then told me she’d mail it to me and walked off. I don’t know how she knows where I live, and I thought she didn’t even have my last name. Creepy. After graduation, I went to Aimee’s house. For those of you who are less informed, Aimee is the friend of Jackie, who is Jesse’s girlfriend. I’ve never really hung out with them before, and we had fun. We went to the coffeehouse by Galileo’s and played 20 questions. The things we had to guess: Dennis Rodman, herniated disc, space shuttle Challenger, and big turtle. Stephanie came with her friend Cole and hung out for a little while. Then we went back to Aimee’s and watched The Way of the Gun which is too complicated for my tastes. I then went home at 2:30am and ate my first food of the day except for a couple pieces of pizza. Ay caramba!

Grant Hutchins @nertzy