Josh called me at 8:30 or something. I forgot to call back. He called me about an hour after I went to sleep. And Erin woke up four and a half hours before I went to sleep. How odd. Brian, Kamaria, Erin, and I hung out today. We went to Arby’s, McDonald’s, Wherehouse Music (on May), Sonic, and Barnes and Noble. Yes, three restaurants. I got a 42 cent 42 ounce drink, then spilled it. Jon did that the other day, too. Out of the 4 I’ve seen bought, 2 have spilled. Them’s bad odds. We drove by the infamous Whataburger (still closed for the power outages) and there were several fire trucks around it, inexplicably. Some guys were talking in front of one of them. Nothing appeared to be wrong. Then ten minutes later they sped by with sirens blaring to go somewhere more important(?). At Barnes and Noble I bought a book called “An ABC of Music” by Imogen Holst (daughter of Gustav Holst, who did Planets). It’s a music theory book. I hope to learn from it. I didn’t read too far, then the tornadoes hit. Deadly tornadoes. They didn’t hit us though. I don’t know, maybe there weren’t any tornadoes at all. I didn’t check. Then I went to sleep.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy