How Much More Does Crossing The Holland Tunnel Cost Today?

Show me a case where a toll highway, tunnel, or bridge is converted to a free thoroughfare. It never happens.

Incidentally, toll hikes were never contemplated in the original plan to build the Holland Tunnel, as tolls were to be rescinded after the initial costs of building the tunnel were recouped. But by the time this recoupment was close, PANYNJ had taken over the tunnel, and needed further financing for the construction of all the other Hudson River Crossings named after engineers (Goethels, Outerbridge) or presidents (Lincoln, Washington). PANYNJ is entirely non-profit, as it runs according to an interstate compact negotiated between New York and New Jersey. For PANYNJ to raise capital, it issues bonds, approved by the two states, which are backed by PANYNJ’s toll and rental income. Long story short, when PANYNJ needs financing, they raise tolls.

The Slowening of Faster Devices

My Sharp HDTV suffers from this greatly.

It’s miserable waiting several seconds per channel while I try to hit “channel up” from a low number to a high number to catch a show that’s about to start.

It’s also completely horrible to turn on the TV to a very loud station and have to wait several seconds before I can turn the volume down.

The firmware is upgradable, so I hope that Sharp somehow magically hears my plea for an upgraded experience.

In the last couple years, I have started reading several books, but finished very few. It would seem that my appetite for new knowledge doesn’t have a very long attention span.

Meanwhile, I spend night after night reading as much as I can from my feed reader, which right this instant clocks in at 501 subscriptions, with 1295 unread articles. I have yet to discover anyone who is subscribed to more feeds than I am.

Now I know that sounds staggering, and it should, but I don’t read everything. Indeed, it would be pretty much impossible to do so. But I do make quite an effort, and in doing so I have initiated the reading of countless streams of never-ending text. Yet more books I will never finish.

One thing I did recently finish, in one sitting, is Patrick Combs’s story from 1995 about cashing a junk mail check for over $95,000. Not sure how long it would be as a book but it would certainly take more physical pages than the 10 or so webpages that the story is split into.

The other day at work I printed out a page of Google API documentation that I was reading, and it came out to about 36 pages. I had already pretty much read the whole thing by the time I hit “Print”, so I was taken aback a little bit at just how much I must read in any given day without skipping a beat.

I’m even starting to read books on my iPhone. Right now I’m reading Edwin A. Abbott’s Flatland as part of the fun little Classics application. So there’s yet another incomplete reading.

So I guess the point is that I read a lot. My hunger for knowledge cannot be satiated.

So how do you occupy your time? Video games? Some sort of physical activity? Let me know in the comments.